Linking Scottish Socialists

Although we welcome submissions to Conter, there are certain criteria we look for. We would therefore urge people to read the brief guidelines below before pitching. Please note, these guidelines relate specifically to proposed treatment of any given piece. If you would like to know more about the ethos and motivation behind the site, go to the About section.

There are three main formats for written contributions to Conter; articles for the blog, longer theoretical pieces for special editions, and reviews.

·  Articles for the regular blog can be anywhere between 800 - 2000 words in length. These should ideally relate to contemporary events in politics or current affairs, and should be critical or provocative in nature, challenging left opinion to re-examine crucial facets of our social order and debating how socialists should approach advancing the project of social transformation.

·  Book reviews should cover either recent publications exploring areas of relevance to anti-capitalist thought in Scotland. Those seeking to review such books should contact the editor to secure a review copy.

Writers may also pitch reviews of older and classic texts in the socialist tradition, as part of Conter’s project of re-examining traditions in Scottish and international anti-capitalist thought.

·  Longer theoretical articles for the journal should be 3000 - 5000 words in length approximately. These should involve in-depth examination of issues relating to economics, socialist strategy, contemporary ideology or traditions in socialist thought and philosophy.

· Conter is intended not just as a site for the publication of work, but also a project to develop new socialist writers and thinkers. Those writing for the site can expect to enter an editorial process, where the ideas and writing will be subject to scrutiny as part of a process of mutual learning and intellectual development. It is not necessary for writers to have an extensive reading of theory or an academic education. It is only necessary for writers to have a passion to develop their ideas and understanding through this process.

·  Due to budgetary constraints, any content produced is voluntary at this point. The site is not for profit and other than the editor, who works part time to run the site, the ed team are all unpaid. In the longer term, we intend to be able to provide some financial support for writers, through forthcoming fundraising initiatives. Any financial support the site receives would be used to develop content for the site.

·  Please direct all pitches to