Linking Scottish Socialists

Although we welcome submissions to both sections, there are certain criteria we look for. We would therefore urge people to read the brief guidelines below before pitching. Please note, these guidelines relate specifically to proposed treatment of any given piece. If you would like to more about the ethos and motivation behind the site, go to the About section or check out our welcome piece. We hope these guidelines are handy and helpful:

·  The site is broadly split into two distinct sections: Thought and Action. Thought will carry comment and analysis on a range of topics from the history of Scottish left movements to ongoing constitutional debates to ideas on policy or strategy.

·  Action will deal more directly with real life stories and ongoing campaigns. These might be in the areas of workplace, welfare, health, housing, education or elsewhere.

·  Although naturally we encourage debate and expect disagreement on issues, we broadly expect submitted pieces to offer significant critiques of capitalism and/or the promotion of socialist ideals and principles. Conter is an anti-capitalist site and we intend for our content to be unflinching in this regard.

·  We are happy to accept submissions from members or supporters of any left of centre party or organisation. The exception to this are groups that have promoted or permitted abuse, racism, sexism, classism, misogyny, homophobia or transphobia (or if you have made personal comments of this nature).

·  For both sections, we’re open to ideas regardless of format. Written pieces are welcome, but we’re also keen to run multimedia pieces that feature audio and video where appropriate. We are also developing a podcast and will provide information on this soon.

·  For written opinion pieces in the Thought section, we are looking for articles of around 800-1300 words. Please try to structure such pieces coherently and concisely with defined arguments that are clearly introduced and concluded. We’re also open to more feature/interview-based pieces of a similar length, but we expect writers to explain this.

·  We will occasionally be running long reads of around 2000-4000 words. These can be structured as essays/series if appropriate. 

·  For written pieces in the Action section, we’re more flexible with word count.

·  Although members of the Conter editorial team will be on hand to shoot and edit videos for some specific pieces, you may wish to submit your own video if preferred. We are running a #ConterVlogs series on our social media accounts for more casual explainers, but you may also wish to submit a full video piece for the site. For the Thought section, it might be a vlog that compliments or more concisely lays out your arguments. For the Action section, an example might be video from a meeting, protest or campaign event, or a video blog that details a personal story. 

·  For both sections, please ensure submitted video is as close to high definition as possible, well lit, no longer than five minutes, and properly edited (we’re happy to direct people to free, easy-to-use software if needed). 

·  Due to budgetary constraints, any content produced is voluntary at this point. The site is not for profit and other than the editor, who takes time out each week to set keep the site running, the ed team are all unpaid. In the long term, we intend for all contributors to be paid and will be introducing a donations button in the near future. Any financial support the site receives would be used to develop content for the site.

·  Please direct all pitches to