Linking Scottish Socialists

What is Conter? 

Conter (n. the contrary, vt. to oppose, to thwart) is a site of Scottish anti-capitalist thought. We aim to develop a radical, anti-capitalist class politics in Scotland fit to intervene into the crisis of the British state, the global order and Scottish society.

It seeks to be an internationalist organ, but one rooted in a distinct national context. To explore the historical and contemporary dynamics of Scottish society as produced by class conflict understood as a constant, irrepressible process expressed in diverse forms. We aim to promote the intellectual life of Scottish socialism insofar as this enhances political action.

Socialist politics in Scotland is in need of renewal, not by abandoning tradition but by re-examining it in the light of radically changing circumstances.

Scottish society is in need of new socialist thought. Without it, and the movements and organisations that can be nourished by it, a clash of barbarisms as experienced around the world will take hold in Scotland. In the phoney but brutal war between new authoritarianisms and the defenders of the damaged but still hegemonic orthodoxy, no progress can be made towards confronting the looming dangers to human civilisation; the ecological impasse and all its capacity for the destruction of democratic life.

Conter will run a regular blog, with shorter pieces of critical commentary on events in Scottish life and global affairs. It will also produce special editions with longer theoretical pieces and reviews, examining economics, politics, social movements and ideological trends.

The hope is to produce a body of work that is both highly critical and entirely partisan in the interests of the working class and social progress. We welcome all contributions in this spirit. Please email, to pitch an article. You can sign up for Conter's mailing list here. Your data will not be supplied to anyone without permission and you can opt out at any time. 

The site was set up in 2017 by editor Jonathan Rimmer, and is currently edited by David Jamieson.

Conter is funded by RISE but is editorially independent and will hold no 'party line'. Our editorial team and contributors include socialists from a range of political parties and none, engaged in many areas of political work and activism.