Linking Scottish Socialists

What is Conter? 

Conter (n. the contrary, vt. to oppose, to thwart) is a new cross-party site designed for and by Scottish anti-capitalists. We aim to generate dialogue between different groups and promote the amazing work being done by groups and individuals across Scotland. 

Although set up by RISE, we hold no 'party line' and our editorial board includes supporters of Labour, the Scottish Socialist Party, the Scottish Greens and others. Scotland is in a situation where socialists are split on a range of issues, including independence, but we are still able to fight together on different causes and campaigns. Activists in the areas of housing, welfare, the workplace and elsewhere are coming together and winning significant victories.

The world is rapidly changing. From fake news to false prophets, capitalism is creating new monsters. We recognise our struggles are global, like our enemies are. That's why we welcome contributions from fellow travellers of all and no organisations. If you want to contribute to our debates, promote a campaign or even just share an experience that's important to you, please email You can sign up for Conter's mailing list here.


Jonathan Rimmer (Ed), Dr Jennifer Jones, David Jamieson, Neil Davidson, Cat Boyd, James Foley, Craig Paterson, Sarah Beattie-Smith, Stella Rooney, Scott MacDonald, Rory Scothorne, Amy Westwell, Ben Wray.